Welcome to Covenant Life Church


We are excited you have stopped by our place.. come on in and get to know us. This family church has been located in Lebanon Tennessee since 1995... It has the power of a Small Church with a Big Vision. Rick and Genese Sink pastor this growing family of believers...they are wonderful shepherds who love and care for their flock . You will enjoy the relationships and family atmosphere in their service.

A major investment has been made by this community of believers into the next generation. They are committed to leaving a Legacy for many generations that will follow. They have been serving the families of Lebanon for over 20 years.

This is a worshipping community,,, when you come to a service you will enjoy an intimacy with God as their worship leader Paul leads with his acoustic guitar; Paul is an accomplished musician and songwriter who has a great love for the presence of Jesus. He is joined by a team of singers and musicians who flow well together.

Pastor Rick's messages are inspiring, practical and deeply spiritual. His words of wisdom are both compassionate and convicting. His knowledge of and commitment to the Bible is evident in his messages. We all need words to live by... you can hear these words each Sunday morning at Covenant Life Church in Lebanon, Tennessee. 

Come by and join us any time...

    I would like to welcome you to my Father's house: Here you will learn of His love, joy, grace, mercy, peace and the many other attributes of God. Pastor Rick